So like, I’m just gonna start without any introduction because I’m about to pour my feeling.

So yesterday I doze off and slept until 2.30 pm, it wasn’t nice at all. Anyways,

I have this one friend. She’s not that close to me, but we talk a lot. Like, she is pretty in a unique way, her posture is really to die for, and like, (O yea I have to remind you that I’m talking about this in a girly manner, where I am seriously 100% not into her) she has this really good hair. Looking at her background, you just know why she’s very popular and people won’t stop admiring her. People would go on saying good things about her. 


looking back, I just never really liked her. At first I said good things about her but then something crawls in and I just always dislike her. Everything she does made me cringe, I always think that the nice act she pulls is sort of a lie. I always think that because our astrological stars are the same, Aries, and both of us are always “keras kepala” that’s why we will never ever be in good terms (inside my heart). 

Although whenever we’re like hanging out together, she’s not a bad person. She’s very nice actually. And sometimes I’m impressed with her.

Now I know why. I felt jealous of her. Yes, I finally know what it feels to dislike a person just because we’re jealous. 

That’s not nice Mit.

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Before you love me, you need to know that we will bend. Don’t be scared, it feels like we’ll break, but we won’t. Don’t run away when things change, don’t let the winds go through your hair. It’s overwhelming; it’s like standing in a wide field with a gigantic hurricane dawning above you. But I need you to not be shaken, for you have the stars watching over you when it gets dark. Don’t be afraid when you’re on the edge of falling. If we were not meant to be, then my dear, no man was ever meant to be.
― Michael Daaboul (via michaeldaaboul)
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Ray of Sun

 I’ve been waiting all year long for summer holiday only to realize that my expectations about it were too high. Some things are not right, and some things just don’t fit me right. And I kept thinking, was it my fault? Or their fault? Or change is inevitable? Bam. The last one hit me so bad.

 Yes, change is inevitable.

Your friendship. Your way of living. Your way of thinking. and theirs. And suddenly, you find yourself out of the equation.

 But love doesn’t change. At least for me. 375 days with someone whom I deeply adore. Thank you. For your patience and kindness and sea of love, and shoulder to cry on, hand to hold. You are marvellous. I heart you.

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How beautiful would it be to find someone who’s in love with your mind.
― (via moeyhashy)
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